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Your privacy happens to be extremely significant to us. It happens to be goal of Darknetsites to reverence your privacy when it comes to any information we might gather from you on our website, (Darknetsites/DNS), and other sites we own and administer. Your continued use of our website implies agreement of our privacy and personal information rules. If at any point or at the beginning you feel disagreement to our Privacy Policy, we recommend you to discontinue and/or not use at the first place any information, products or services we offer. We are strictly not to be held responsible for any disagreement and/or usage of our information, products or services.


This is a notification informing you of the information we have on file for you. It seeks to create conditions that make it easier for us to process any information we gather from you or that you knowingly submit to us. It includes information that may be used to identify you through your personal data as well as information in the context of the law and the notice; by the word “process,” it is intended to collect, store, transmit, use, or act on the information in any other way.

If you are not convinced by one or more of the statements made here, we apologise and advise you to leave the website immediately. We are particularly concerned with the security and confidentiality of your data.We realise that our visitors should be able to know that none of their information (personal data) will be utilised for any unexpected purpose and will never be accidentally given to any third party.

We pledge to keep all information you provide to us secret and anticipate that you will do the same.

Our privacy policy complies with the legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The law requires us to inform you of your rights and our obligations to you regarding the use and control of your personal data.

We ask that you carefully study the information given at Except as specified below, we do not share, sell, or divulge any information gathered through our website to any third party under any circumstances.

The Basis For Processing Your Personal Information

The law requires us to identify which of the six stated grounds we will use to handle the various categories of your personal information and to inform you of the reason for each category.

If a specific basis on which we handle your data is no longer relevant, we will immediately stop processing your data. Furthermore, if the legal basis changes, we will notify you of the change (where required by law) as well as any new legal basis under which we intend to continue processing your information.

We process information in accordance with a contract we have with you.

When you register an account on our website, purchase service or a product from us, or approve to our terms and conditions, a contract happens to be shaped between you and us. We must process the information you supply us in order to fulfil the contract commitments we make to you. It should be noted that some of the information you offer us may be personal in nature.

We could utilise it to do the following:

  • Verify your identification for security reasons.
  • We will provide you with one or more of our services.
  • We will sell you our stuff.
  • Suggest or advise you on goods, services, and how to get the most out of our website.

We process this information on the basis of a contract between us, or you may have asked that we use the information prior to entering into a formal contract. On the contrary, we may aggregate this information in order to monitor our performance in relation to a certain service we offer. You will not be identified as a person if you use the information for this reason. We will continue to handle this information until the contract is terminated, either by the party under the contractual conditions or at the end of the contract.

We Process Data With Your Approval

There are no contractual terms between us; however, by browsing our website and requesting detailed information about our company, including job opportunities, partnership opportunities, joining our mailing list, and our products and services, you authorise us to process potentially personal information.

We strive to get your explicit agreement to handle this information wherever feasible, such as by asking you to agree to our use of cookies. There is a potential that you will grant your agreement tacitly, such as when you send us an email with certain messages anticipating a response.

We do not disclose any information about you that might reveal your personal identify unless you give us your explicit permission. We may summarise it in a broad sense for usage and offer class information, such as tracking the performance of a certain page on our website. If you have expressly granted us permission to use your information, we may transmit your information, such as your name and contact information, to particular affiliates who we believe may provide services or goods of interest to you.

We will continue to handle your information on this basis until you withdraw your consent or it is believed that your consent is no longer valid. If you want to withdraw your consent at any time, you may do so by contacting us at [email protected]. It should be noted that if you do so, you may be unable to access our services or our website in the future.

We Process Information Due To Legitimate Interests

We may handle information based on either your or our legitimate interests. Wherever we handle information, we take the following factors into account:

  • If the same aim might be attained through alternative ways.
  • If the processing or non-processing may cause you damage.
  • If you anticipate us to process your data, and if so, you think it is appropriate to do so.
  • For example, we may use this basis to handle your data for the following purposes:
  • Keeping records for the appropriate and required administration of our company.
  • Recognizing unprompted communication from your end, to which we assume you anticipate a response.
  • Defending and proclaiming any party’s legal rights.
  • Providing insurance against or obtaining professional guidance that is necessary to manage company risk.
  • Protecting your interests because we believe we have an obligation to do so.
  • We have legal obligations that allow us to process information.

Unlike others, we are obligated to follow the law. We may need to process your information in order to comply with a legal requirement.

For example, we may be compelled to provide information to lawful authorities if they request it or in the event that they have appropriate authority, such as a court order or a search warrant. This may include personal information about you.

In Specific Cases We Make Use of Your Information

Information is provided with the firm expectation that it would be shared with third parties.

Our website allows you to publish material with the expectation that it will be viewed, copied, downloaded, or utilised in any way by the public.

Among the examples are:

  • Making a post in our forum Image tagging.
  • To express your agreement, disagreement, or thanks, clicks on an icon next to a distinct visitor’s comment.

While this is personal information, it is your responsibility to ensure the privacy of each and every individual who may use it. We expressly do not utilise this information other than to display or distribute it. We retain the right to preserve and use information in any way we see fit in the future.

We have no control over any individual or third party who uses your information after it is in the public domain. We accept no responsibility for any individual or third-party activities at any time.

If we determine that the reason for the request to remove any personal information you have submitted thus far is worthwhile or that there is no legal basis to retain it, we may agree to delete the information at our discretion. You can make a request by contacting us at [email protected].

Complaints About Our Website’s Content

Our website functions as a publication platform. Everyone has the same right to register on our website and post information about themselves or anybody else they may know. We have no influence over the moderation of anything you submit. We retain the right to investigate any complaint(s) about any of our website’s content. If we believe your complaint is warranted in any way, or if it gives us the impression that the law requires us to do so, we will delete the content after a thorough examination.

The right to free expression is a basic one. As a result, we must exercise caution when making the decision as to who’s right should be obstructed: yours or the other person whose material may have offended you.

We will not correspond with you if we believe your complaint is unsatisfactory or has no basis.

Details About Your Payment Method

Your credit card information is secure! We never collect or transfer your payment information via our website or any other methods. Your payment information is not accessible to any of our employees or contractors.

During the payment process, you will be moved to a different safe page on the Sage Pay (Opayo)/WorldPay/MoneyBookers (Skrill)/PayPal/Stripe or any other trustworthy payment service provider’s website. The rerouted page may appear branded or similar to one of our website’s pages. But we have no control over that.

Application for Job and Occupation

If you submit us information about an application for job, we may store it for up to three years in case we decide to contact you later.

If you work for us, we will gather information about you and your work from time to time throughout your employment with us. All of the information we gather will be used solely for the purpose of your employment. We shall retain your papers for six years after your employment ends before deleting or destroying them.

Sending Messages to Our Customer Service Representatives

We gather information from you anytime you contact us through any media, such as phone calls, e-mails, or even our website, so that we can reply with the information you require. We are concerned with the efficiency of our operation, thus we will record both your request and your response.

We provide a high-quality service while protecting your personally identifying information related to your message and personal data.


When we get a complaint, we record all of the information you submit. That information is used to handle all of your concerns.

If it is determined that we need to contact another individual in order to address your complaints, we will do so and may reveal part of the information included in the complaint. We engage in this activity very often against our exclusive discretion of whether or not to release the information, and if so, which information must be given.

We may also create statistics based on information obtained from this source to assess the level of service we provide, but never in a way that reveals your or any other person’s identify.

Affiliate and Business Partner Information

As our affiliate or business partner, you are the one who provides us with the information. It enables us to identify visitors based on your referral and credit your commission for such referrals. It also contains certain details that will allow us to transfer your commission.

The data is intended only for affiliate or commercial reasons. We accept responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of all information and the conditions of our agreement. This policy is expected to be agreed upon and reciprocated by any affiliate or business partner.

We make use of the information gathered by automated systems during your visit to our website.


Cookies are tiny text files that your web browser saves to your computer’s hard disk when you visit a website. They allow information gathered on one online page to be saved until it is needed to be used on another, allowing websites to give you with a tailored experience and statistics to website owners about how the website is used so that it may be improved.

Some cookies may accumulate for a set length of time, such as a year, or until your browser is closed. The remainder will last indefinitely. It should be mentioned that your online browser should allow you to remove any cookies that you select, as well as limit or prevent their use.

Cookies are used on this website. Cookies are placed by the software that runs our servers, as well as by third-party software whose services we use. If you are a first-time visitor, we will first ask you if you agree to our use of cookies. If you decline, we will not use them for your visit except as a record of your objection to their usage for any other reason.

If you disable cookies or block their use through your browser settings, you will be unable to enjoy all of the features of our website.

The following are some of the reasons why we utilise cookies:

  • To track how you use our website.
  • If you have noticed certain messages on our website, please record them.
  • In order to keep the registration on our website.
  • For capturing your responses to quizzes and surveys on our website as you complete them.
  • During a live chat, this is used to capture the conversation thread with our support team.

Personal Identifiers Can Be Obtained From Your Browsing Activity

We log your web browser’s queries to our servers for web pages and other relevant items on our website. Other information is stored, such as your geographical location, Internet Service Provider (ISP), and IP address, as well as information about the software you are presently using to visit our site, such as the type of computer or device and screen resolution.

We utilise this gathered data to determine the popularity of our site’s web pages and our success in providing content to you. If we combine this information with what we already know about you from prior visits, it is possible that the data might be used to identify you personally even if you are not logged in to our website.

Our Reliance On Re-Marketing

Re-marketing is installing a cookie on your computer while you browse our website so that we can offer you an advertisement for our products or services when you visit another website.

We may engage a third party to provide re-marketing services from time to time. If you have consented to the usage of our cookies, you may see advertising for our products and services on other websites.

Disclosure and Sharing of Your Information Obtained from Third Parties

While we do not disclose your personal data to any third party (save as stated in the notice), we do get certain indirectly made up data from third parties whose services we use from time to time.

It should be emphasised that no such information identifies you personally.

Advertisements from Third Parties on Our Website

Advertisements from third parties may appear on our website. In this case, those parties, their agents, or any other organisations working for them may use technology to automatically gather information about you whenever their advertisement(s) appears on our website. These third parties may also use additional technologies, such as JavaScript or cookies, to customise the content and assess the effectiveness of their advertising.

We have no control over either these technologies or the data collected by these third parties. At the same time, the information practises of these third parties are not covered by this privacy policy.

Data May Be Processed Outside

We may also utilise outsourced services in other countries in certain parts of our company on occasion. Similarly, data collected in any other nation might be handled in that nation. Some of the software utilised by our website, for example, may have been developed in the United States, Asia, or Australia.

We apply the following data protection measures when transferring data outside:

  • The data safety provisions in our contracts with data processors include transfer clauses drafted or authorised by a supervisory body.
  • We follow a code of conduct that has been authorised by a regulatory authority.
  • Access to Your Personal Information
  • Get Access to Your Personal Data
  • By logging into your account on our website, you may examine or amend any personally identifiable information we have on file for you at any time.
  • You may submit us a request at [email protected] to obtain a copy of any information that is not available on our website.

After we receive your request, we will let you know when you can expect us to supply you with the requested information and whether we will charge a price for the service.

Withdrawal of Your Personal Information

You can contact us at [email protected] if you want us to remove personally identifying information (PII) from our website.

This may limit the services we can offer you.

Your Information’s Authentication

When we receive a request to view, amend, or delete personally identifiable information, we will take reasonable steps to confirm your identity before granting you access or taking any other action. This is a critical step in safeguarding your data.

Other Concerns

  • Children’s Access to the Website
  • We do not provide any services or sell items to minors, nor do we promote to them.
  • Under the supervision of a parent or guardian, minors under the age of 18 may access our website.
  • Data Encryption is being sent between us.
  • We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates to verify our identity to your browser and encrypt any data you provide.

Whenever we exchange information, you may verify it making use of SSL by searching for a locked padlock symbol or any other faith mark in your browser’s toolbar or URL bar.

Procedure for Filing a Complaint

If you are dissatisfied with our privacy policies or have a problem, please contact us through email. [email protected] is our email address.

[More information about our complaint processing method may be found at the URL]

If a disagreement cannot be resolved via arbitration or mediation, we hope you will agree to try to resolve it through arbitration or mediation.

If you are unsatisfied with how we treat your personal information, you have the right to file a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office. This may be done at

Personal Data Retention Period

Except as otherwise specified in this privacy statement, we only keep your personal information for as long as we need it:

  • In order to provide you with the services you have requested.
  • For the purpose of compliance with other laws throughout the time period specified by our tax authorities.
  • In court, to support a claim or defence.

Complying With The Law

Our privacy policy has been assembled to conform to the laws of each nation or legal prerogative in which we aim to conduct business. We’d want to hear from you if you feel it violates the law in your jurisdiction.

In any case, it is ultimately your choice whether or not to utilise our website.

This Privacy Policy’s Evaluation

This privacy statement may be updated from time to time as needed. The terms that apply to you are those that are published on our website on the day you use it. We recommend printing a copy for your records.

Please contact us if you are having any questions about our privacy policies. If you are having any questions about how user data and personal information is been managed, please contact us.

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