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Darknetsites ( is a compact platform that is primarily focused on offering everything related to the dark web. The website furnishes its readers with all the latest information on every aspect of the darknet. At Darknetsites, we understand how important it is for you to clench your thirst on the different aspects of the internet. Thus, we have brought to you the best of the information about the darknet.

Dark Web has been in and around us from the time it has been introduced. This has caused people to build more affinity towards the genre. Additionally, there are so many events going on in the darknet every day, precisely every moment. It is nearly impossible for anyone to grab all the happenings there. This being the sole reason, we have devoted ourselves to bring into one platter everything that you would need starting from the dark web news, deep web news, hidden markets or dark web markets list to the comparison of the markets, the market status (online/offline) and much more. Additionally, we have included two handy segments, viz, tutorials and reviews that aim to aid you to understand the dark web, the deep web, the Tor network and the various tools and technologies in a better way that are readily used there.

That said, we do not promote any illegal activities nor do we suggest you do so. All the information that we provide regularly is solely for informational and educational purposes. is not responsible for any mishaps occurring due to your personal choice of scouring the hidden web or using its products and services.

We firmly believe that our attempt to offer you the best information will be appreciated.