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Important News On The White House Market Retirement Announcement

White House Market, the second largest darknet market or DNM had revealed that they are going to retire soon. At this moment, the orders and the user registration has already been closed. The news was first broken by Mr White on Dread.


It was known earlier that owing to the seizure of Dark Matket by the global law enforcement the White House Market had gained much popularity. After this, they grew to became the world’s second largest darknet marketplace following Russia’s behemoth, Hydra Market. Additionally, the DNM Archetyp Market and White House Market are the sole two marketplaces on the Tor network that accepts Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency as a mode os payment. This refers that these two marketplaces only accepts Monero payments ontheir platforms.

However, the White House Market administrators had announced their retirement plan and that the team had made the decisions voluntarily. They stated,

“We have reached our goal and now, according to plan, it’s time for us to retire”.

Furthermore, they had mentioned,

“All market rules are still in effect so users should not try to take advantage of the situation and scam, the feedback system is still working and will be shared with Recon and other markets. Because this week’s featured listings and stickies won’t generate any revenue, vendors who paid for them will be refunded via their market wallet[s]. Vendors can now advertise the markets where they operate on their vendor profiles however direct contacts are still disallowed.”

Additionally, the team had also mentioned they have effectively disabled the user registrations for the new users and the orders sections. Nonetheless, some of the other functions of the marketplace such as withdrawals are still working like before.

The White House Market team had concluded,

“We will keep the market online for a limited time until open orders are finalized, disputes handled, and coins [were] withdrawn. We don’t know how long that will take but don’t expect to come back 6 months from now and find the market up.”

The user handle mr_white has already been deleted from Dread.


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