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Top Darkweb Vendor Shop, The dark web is mostly known for the hideous activities that take place there on an everyday basis. The darknet markets are most common as people buy and sell items like drugs, counterfeits, physical goods, digital goods and much more under the mask of anonymity. These marketplace houses a lot of vendors who slowly shift to build their own vendor shops on the Tor network, known as dark web vendor shops or darknet vendor shops. Few of the shop owners also do not have prior experience to be associated with a darknet market as a vendor.

There is not much difference between a darknet marketplace and a Top darkweb vendor shop. The dark web marketplaces can either be a single admin market or a market having several vendors. Same thing can be said for the vendor shops. While most of the deep web markets sell products from a bunch of categories, there are specific markets that sell only one or two types of products. This is the same as well with the darknet vendor shops.

In this article, we will be discussing the top working dark web vendor shops of 2021. We have focused on the working/live deep web vendor shops. But this must be kept in mind that the onion links are prone to alterations or discontinuation. Another factor that mostly reigns the dark web links is that they experience certain downtime. The list should be judged on the basis of these perspectives.

Top Working Dark Web Vendor Shops Of 2021

Here are the major working dark web vendor shops of 2021 which have been placed in no particular order. In order to access the links to the vendor shops, you would need a strong VPN connection and Tor browser. Let’s begin!



Smoker’sCo. is a cannabis and hash vendor from Europe. He ships his products to a broad range of countries worldwide. You can find the list of places he ships his product from his website. Four types of cannabis (weed) and two types of hash can be spotted on the website. The users can be able to deceive which strain to go for by reading the reviews and explanation. Currently, it does not accept any third-party vendors. Some of the products are: White widow, Green crack, Bubble gum, Afghan Kush etc. At present, the vendor shop has 15 individual listings. All the payments can be cleared using cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin (BTC). Registration is required for purchase while the ordering is automated. The website mentions that they solely use pesticide-free crops for their products.

Dark Zone (Dark Web Hacker’s Zone)


Dark Zone, the name shortened from the actual name Dark Web Hacker’s Zone, is a vendor shop on the dark web that enables participation of multiple vendors. The platform has verified vendors that offer a broad range of hacking services including the profile hacking services for email and the social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook. Telegram, WeChat and Instagram. Sim card cloning and website hacking is also available. In addition, gift cards and money transfer (MoneyGram, PayPal, Wire Transfers, and Western Union) options are also available on the platform. The darknet vendor shop seems very basic in appearance and there is no need to sign in to access the products or place an order. From the perspective of security in transactions, they offer multisig and escrow payment. The accepted cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.



CharlieUK is a drug vendor shop on the Tor Network. This is one of the dark web vendor shops that has two clearnet versions, viz., and These websites are helpful if users find the onion site down. They have been on the darknet since 2015, where their primary aim is to provide the users with best quality potent imported aristocrat grade cocaine. They ship their products worldwide even if the customer resides in a high risk country. PGP is enabled on the platform. However, if someone wishes not to use it, he can do that as well but PGP encryption is recommended. Earlier, an escrow system was available in their shop. But owing to scammers on the various dark net marketplaces, they have discontinued this feature. The market admin mentions that they might re-introduce it for the trusted vendors only.



WeAreAMSTERDAM is a drug focussed dark web vendor shop on the darknet. They claim to have 15 years of experience of importing and exporting drugs. They were one of the largest darknet vendors on a couple of darknet markets like Silk Road, Dream Market, Wall Street Market, Apollon Market, Empire Market, Samsara market, Icarus Market, World Market and Vice City Market. They offer the highest quality drugs at the best price. Products in bulk are also available. The drugs are available from the categories such as stimulants, cannabis and hashish, ecstasy, dissociatives and psychedelics. The total number of product listings at the time of writing is 103. Both Bitcoin and Monero are accepted. PGP and escrow are available and products are shipped worldwide. Registration/login is required to place an order with them.

The Grass Company



The Grass company is a dark web vendor store that has been in business for nearly two years. They have been pretty active on the different darknet marketplaces. As the name of the vendor shop goes, they are primarily focussed on the products like hash and weed. The single-vendor shop has a pretty clean user interface  and it is a lot easier to navigate on the platform than on most of the other similar platforms. Registration or signing in is not mandatory if the users are just browsing through the vendor shop. But, if they wish to purchase products from the shop then they need to create an account or get into their individual accounts created on the platform. A public PGP submission is mandatory for enabling the 2FA feature. This would also help in password loss. The vendor shop accepts two other cryptocurrency transactions apart from Bitcoin such as Monero and Litecoin. The vendorshop is completely walletless, meaning that there is no need to deposit any amount prior to placement of the orders. They mostly ship their products worldwide except for a few countries like the US, India and Australia. Multisig and escrow are not available.



MedicineManUK is a drug based deep web vendor shop of cannabis collectives. They claim that their products are clean of PGRs, pesticides and other cruel chemicals. All the cannabis are of medical grade. Referral program and cashback of 2% on all orders are available. Multi-buy voucher codes are available on specific products. The users can choose to pay either with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero or Bitcoin Sv. Currency converters are available on the website in the shop segment where the users can convert the value of a product. This vendor shop on the Tor Network is not walletless. Thus, to place an order, the user needs to top up their wallet with the order amount or more in order to book the order for him. The platform also offers a forum where the registered users can participate. Registration is required to even browse the product listings. They also offer basic bug bounty. PGP encryption is not mandatory but recommended. A Raffle system has also been introduced where a user matches or comes closer to a given number. If he wins, hash or cash in their wallet. Various types of weed and hash are available. Some examples are Amnesia haze, Banana Pie, Black Cherry, Blue dream and more.

Duck CVV


Duck CVV is a carding vendor shop on the Tor Network. It is a market for the financial assets working just as UniCC. The financial services that are available on the platform include salary accounts, bank logins, credit cards, live offers and dumps. In order to browse the market, the users need to register (currently new registrations are closed and can be entered into the vendor shop using invitation code) and deposit $5. The vendor shop does not offer many dumps unlike the Joker’s Stash. However, the site offers a vast number of different sellers. The best thing is that DuckCVV offers unique complete datasets consisting of the cards’ pin number for ATM withdrawals.

Pushing Taboo (Gamma Goblin)


Pushing Taboo or Gamma Goblin is a deep web vendor shop that has been in the Tor Network for the longest time. They have had their footprints on Silk Road, Agora, and Black Market Reloaded darknet marketplaces. The single vendor shop is renowned for its high quality LSD. However, the operation also focuses on other psychedelics such as Mescaline and MDMA. They mention that they lay its own LSD and continue to shift its blotter designs routinely for maintaining discretion. It has an automatic Finalize Early (FE) vendor. The shop does not offer multisig or escrow. Only Bitcoin is accepted as payment.

True Deal


True Deal is one of the leading financial business service platforms on the darknet. Two former darknet sellers on two most prominent dark web markets – AlphaBay & Hansa had launched the shop, whose ids are @xqkrep66 and @$kiltreb0084 respectively. They have launched their darknet vendorshop back in September 2019. They also have a dedicated forum in the vendor shop. The store features MoneyGram Transfers, Western Union Transfers, Wire Transfers, Prepaid Cards, PayPal Accounts, Gold (pure gold dust), Diamonds  (loose diamond at wholesale prices) and hacking Guides. Escrow is not available in the store and there is no other strict security protocols. Currently they accept payments in Bitcoin and Litecoin (LTC). The system of the vendor shop is linked with the actual Coinmarketcap that makes it easier for the product prices to get updated constantly. Worldwide shipping is available.

Weed Store


WeedStore is one of the well-known weed-focussed deep web vendor shops that sell high quality weed or cannabis. They offer attractive discounts to the long-term customers and wholesale buyers. They claim to ship their products worldwide. The platform only accepts Bitcoin (BTC) mode of payment currently. In-built wallet is also available to the users. The types of weed that the users can expect on the store are: White Widow, Amnesia Haze, Bubblegum, Girl Scout Cookie, Greenhouse Weed and Super Silver Haze.

Top Darkweb Vendor Shop

Other Most Common Dark Web Vendor Shops in 2021:

Here is a list of the other prominent darknet vendor shops available on the Tor Network in 2021.

  • Steroid Warehouse


  • Tom and Jerry


  • Babylon Alpha


  • Black Market Activities


  • EuCanna


  • Jean ValJean


  • Market Brazil


  • The Pot Shop


  • MushMerica


  • Shitty


  • Steriod King


  • Cannazon


  • The French Connection


  • Hanf4You


  • BriansClub


  • Global Dreams


  • Psycellium



The darknet houses a lot of dark web vendor shops but a couple of them manage to stay for a longer time and/or offer quality goods and stealth. Here we have compiled a list of the top dark web vendor shops of 2021 that are running successfully eliminating the prying eyes of the law enforcement agencies.

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