Top Darknet Markets

With the Covid-19 situation going on since the past year, the darknet markets have seen significant growth in their sales. However, the police seizures and exit scams have not been affected by any of the circumstances. This being the reason, the darknet vendors are now choosing most of the darknet markets, if not all of them, to stay on the safe side. Apart from this, this enables the dark web users to access their favourite shops from the whopping list of accessible and live darknet markets in 2021.

There have been a lot of seizures by the Law Enforcement agencies (the current one being the NamasteLSD, who got busted on 9th August 2021) alongside exit scams and markets going offline for a significant time. This makes it pretty challenging to keep up with the live darknet markets, and scouring the dark web to collect a list of top dark web markets is a task in itself. Thus, this article aims to provide an updated list of the best live darknet markets of 2021.

Keep on reading till the end to know more about the latest additions of the darknet marketplaces and how they are performing in this pandemic.

Live Darknet Markets Of 2021

Here is presenting a concentrated list of the latest live dark web markets 2021 for your convenience. The list is updated and does not contain any dead markets.

White House Market

After the seizure of the DarkMarket in January 2021, the White House Market (WHM) has gained a lot of attention. Currently, it offers the largest selection of drugs and vendors. It currently holds the most extensive user base in the dark web market list. The White House Market is a monero only market, meaning that it supports the transaction only via Monero (XMR). It also offers forced PGP, which means that the users who want to transact on the market and not only browse their listings would require to know how to use a PGP and needs XMR coins and knowledge on how to use it on the market. For the new users, it might give a sense of difficulty at the beginning. But once you get a hold of it, it will prove to be the easiest and secure deep web market on the list.

Torrez Market

Though not as big as the White House Market, Torrez has quickly become one of the biggest markets lately. The Tor-based marketplace uses the most traditional form of operation. Unlike any other form of the darknet markets that supports at the maximum only two cryptocurrencies, Torrez supports transactions with Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR), Litecoin (LTC) and Zcash (ZEC). The market has almost the same vendors as on the White House Market, and it is pretty beginner-friendly compared to most of the other markets. It is an excellent option for people who want to avoid PGP or wish to transact in other cryptos except for Monero.

Dark0de Reborn

Dark0de Reborn is one of the newer markets bearing a unique design. It has successively gained some of the few new vendors and a couple more of its new users in the past few months. With this, the market has entered the list of some of the biggest darknet markets of 2021. This deep web market supports both Monero and Bitcoin. Excitingly, the darknet market also offers its users an exchange where they can exchange Monero to Bitcoin and vice versa. There is also a scope of gifting your known ones with the gift cards, which they can utilize to buy products off the dark web marketplace.

World Market

It is great to see the World Market back with a new avatar. It changed its design a couple of months back. Interestingly, it uses the same design as the Empire Market and the AlphaBay Market. The buying experience, alongside some other features, is reasonably known, just like the aforementioned former darknet marketplaces. Unfortunately, in recent months, World Market was banned in Dread and then it was again unbanned. Nevertheless, it has a solid user base and vendor listings that have made it one of the most prominent dark web markets in recent times. Like the other darknet markets available on the Tor network, World Market accepts Monero and Bitcoin.

Top Darknet Markets

The Versus Project

The Versus Project or The Versus Market is quite a unique dark web market. The best part is that even the White House market admin strongly recommends the users to go ahead and use the Versus market platform. The uniqueness of the platform lies in the fact that it was first started by community members. It allows only direct sales and also encourages people to use Multisig in a bid to protect themselves from police seizures and exit scams. Therefore, the Versus Project attracts buyers with the highest spending limits who are inclined towards the safety of multisig transactions. Usually, these types of users do not trust other marketplaces in respect to keeping their funds safe with them.

Cannazon Market

There are just two cannabis markets in the darknet market list, and Cannazon Market is one of them. This market is solely focused on the sale of cannabis and Psilocybin mushrooms. The users would not find any other drugs listed in the shop for sale. The market is based exclusively on the vendors that sell their products in European countries and does not permit other vendors to trade via this platform to other countries. If you are European and looking to purchase marijuana (weed), Cannazon Market is probably the best choice for you. There are plenty of European domestic vendors available on the platform. In addition, the marketplace supports transactions with Bitcoin and Monero. This market is probably one of the go-to markets for any cannabis products in Europe.

CannaHome Market

The CannaHome Market is quite similar to the Cannazon Market. But the only thing is that it only permits the vendors to sell their products to the USA. If you reside in the USA, you can consider yourself quite lucky that you can order any cannabis products from this platform. Like Cannazon, this marketplace offers only marijuana (weed) and Psilocybin mushrooms. The market is run by the market admin of the former CGMC and offers multisig and anti-phishing measures alongside great support. CannaHome is probably the best place to look for mushrooms and weed if you are in the USA.

Vice City Market

The Vice City darknet market is just the latest launch that surfaced the tor network during the pandemic in 2020. The marketplace derived its name from the 2002 instalment of the most famous Grand Theft Auto video game series. The user interface of the market is pretty pleasant. It appears that it has been built from the base level, providing it with some attractive personality compared to some of the same level cookie-cutter clone markets currently available. Most of the user reviews are optimistic about the market except for the connection difficulties. Presently, the marketplace has only slightly over 7,000 listings, where most of the listings are related to pharmaceuticals and drugs. It seems that it was initially configured to accept multiple cryptocurrencies. But it now accepts only Bitcoin (BTC). The bright side is that it has multisig transaction support and Finalize early (FE) as essential features.

DarkFox Market

The DarkFox Market is just one of the latest entries in the world of darknet markets. It has grown a lot in the past couple of months. The marketplace uses the same script (Eckmar) as the Dark Market. But this does not imply that the security imposed on this platform is not as good as the other deep web markets. DarkFox Market currently accepts Bitcoin. However, they promised to include Monero in the future. The platform also has an onsite wallet. The user interface and support are that of the past great markets and relatively simple to use, which has made it stand on this list. So far, they did not undergo any significant issues, and it seems that the users and vendors are enjoying the market.

Hydra Market

The Hydra Market is the largest darknet market in the history of the tor-based marketplaces. It is a Russian only marketplace which means that all the content on its website is in Russian. The dark web market generates billions of dollars in revenue every year. It utilizes a system of dead drops to drop off drugs across Russia and the neighbouring former soviet countries. The order delivery ways can be a little confusing for the newcomers. They have an extended plan of expanding to Europe and the USA. The vendors receive a great deal of control over their operation rather than categories of products and individual listings compared to the other deep web markets. The listings include a wide variety of drugs, and they accept only Bitcoin transactions.

ASAP Market

The ASAP Market is just a year old as it was launched back on 1st March 2020 under the name ASEAN Market. It stayed under the radar for most of the darknet sellers and buyers. It failed to really swoop up the lot of darknet buyers and sellers when the other live markets continued to do so as police seizures took place. In December 2020, it was listed on the This implies that it was at least somewhat competent to its modus operandi. As of the time of writing, the ASAP market has around 6,000 listings, while the user interface is a little subdued where the dark mode applies by default. One thing that might bother most of the users of this market is that its primary mirrors are often down while the rotating mirrors rotate every 30 minutes. This means that you will get logged out and have to find a new mirror to log in. It is one of the first darknet markets that offer support for the SegWit Wallets. These wallets help when the transaction fees are relatively high.

Some of the other prominent specifications of this marketplace are 2FA, the secret passphrase for account recovery, authorization code for login, fake review detector that detects the fake reviews under the products and immediately eliminates them, scam hunter system that detects the scammers and restricts them from participating in the market affairs, acceptance of Bitcoin and Monero, the permission of Finalize Early.

Monopoly Market

The Monopoly Market is one of those darkweb markets that stand out owing to the fact that there are a couple of most exciting features. It is on a direct deal business, completely walletless, userless, focussed on Monero transactions, is a drug-focussed darknet marketplace offering safe and reliable trading. Furthermore, escrow is available on the market along with the Finalize Early facility. In addition, the platform has a segregated design that enables the vendors to complete their orders even if the market has been attacked.

Cartel Market

The Cartel Market is a relatively newer marketplace having slightly less than 2,500 product listings (at the time of writing). The layout of the Cartel market is a little bit cumbersome. But despite that, it is easy to navigate. The market bears a regular category of listings, and wherein some of the categories, there are no purchases at all. The captcha system of the darknet market can be a bit annoying. However, there are a couple of striking features that the marketplace has to offer. The first is the split payment order feature that enables one to pay the entire order value in Bitcoin and Monero. Second, the market’s FE discount feature allows the vendors to offer their buyers specific discounts who agree to pay them via Finalize Early. Third, the listings on their website can be sorted based on the popularity of the listings. Finally, both hybrid account and order wallet systems are available.

Tor Market

The Tor market is one of the oldest operating English lingual darknet markets in the Tor Network. It has been around since 2018 and has a straightforward user interface. The minimal design of the website is what attracts its users. Currently, the marketplace supports four cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Monero, Zcash, Litecoin. As of now, the market owns over 390 product listings and has a vendor base of over 280. In addition, the marketplace features a wallet, forced PGP and 2FA for vendors, FE for the trusted vendors only and instant withdrawals. Some of the currently not active features on the deepweb market include multisig, affiliate and bug bounty programs.

Alpha Market

The Alpha Market (Not to be confused with the AlphaBay Market) is relatively a new market on the Tor network that has just started its journey a couple of months back this year. Not much is known about the marketplace. The platform houses a handful of major categories such as online business, software, services, forgeries/counterfeits and drugs. The total number of listings as of the time of writing is 217. The website has a simple and advanced search, featured listings, and the top vendors’ list on the home page. The website clearly mentions that Monero is currently in the testing phase and will be active soon. FE and escrow are available. Vendors allow discounts on the products in bulk or singles decided by him. The only accepted cryptocurrency is Bitcoin (BTC).

Bohemia Market

The Bohemia Market is the latest market that was launched in May 2021. The developers behind the darknet market claim that the platform is of a contemporary and innovative nature. The market starts with two captchas where one might not work, as many reported. A PGP key is required for entering during the signup procedure. The design of the market has been kept pretty simple with a simplistic theme. As a part of the most advanced security, one would find an escrow and finalize early. 2FA is available. The Bohemia market users will be pleased to know that the market accepts both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) modes of payment. The payments can be deposited in a wallet. Being a new market, the number of listings is pretty less which is just over 50. But we can expect it to grow and add more products and categories with time.

Victory Market

Victory Market is termed as “Darknet’s Ebay”, as the website itself claims. The website interface is pretty clean, making it much easier for the users to navigate easily within the marketplace. The darknet marketplace practices healthy OpSec. The registration process is straightforward, and one would need a PGP key during signup. During the time of writing, the marketplace has slightly over 1000 listings. All types of drugs and physical as well as digital products are available on the platform. As of now, they accept BTC payments, but it seems they also have an option for Monero selection. Escrow is available; however, the PGP key is not mandatory for use.

The Majestic Garden

The Majestic garden is a pretty unusual darkweb market. The starters might visualize it as a psychedelic forum. The transactions on this marketplace take place through a P2P process. It does not depend on the middlemen to function. The marketplace follows a strict registration procedure. It does not offer any in-built wallet. A couple of digital coin transactions can be performed, such as Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin etc. The platform is loaded with a lot of drugs so that you get a chance to choose what is best for you.

Revolution Market

The Revolution dark web market is the latest addition in the list of the top darknet markets available on the Tor Network. The market was launched in April 2021. They offer their users a forced 2FA feature. The purchases and the sales are made using multisig, and FE is made available for the top vendors. The transactions are carried on using the Monero cryptocurrency. The users are required to set PGP for their profiles. Bug Bounty is available. The marketplace has an inbuilt wallet from where the users can withdraw both Bitcoin and Monero.

Castle Market

The Castle Market is also the latest addition to the list of best live darknet markets 2021. The marketplace is pretty traditional. The icons placed beside the categories are pretty new for users who have used a darknet market before. The number of listings available in the marketplace is meagre as compared to the other deep web markets. The market lists almost everything on its platform from drugs, counterfeit, digital goods, tutorials, hacked and cracked passwords and whatnot. It also features an erotica category and drop-offs. This means that dead drops are available on the platform if one chooses them. The Castle Market offers its users a whole lot of options to choose from when it comes to transactions. The cryptocurrencies accepted here are BTC, LTC, XMR, BCH, DASH, and ZCASH. It also permits multisig transactions. The market also has a rare PIN system which is most unusual with such markets. 2-factor authentication enabled via PGP is a great choice.


These are all the darknet markets that are currently running live on the Tor Network. A couple of new darknet markets have been included in the recently surfaced the deep web list. One of them is the Trusted Market, whose information could not be retrieved at the time of writing, but it will be included soon. From the list of the old markets, it has been seen that these markets have survived and are performing pretty well despite several seizures and exit scams taking place in and around them. With the new markets, it could be observed that they are employing new security techniques such as PIN in addition to the traditional form of security checks. Some markets are even offering dead drops to stay away from the radar of Law Enforcement agencies.

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