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Dutch Police Arrested NamasteLSD And Immediately Seized The Darknet Market

TripWithScience had been busted on the 20th of April 2021 and a few months following this incident another major seizure has almost trembled the darknet sites. The most renowned name in recent times, NamasteLSD vendor shop has been arrested lately. The marketplace on the Tor network had been vending for over three years in several famous dark web marketplaces like Empire Market, Dream Market, and many others. NamasteLSD has been a very prominent vendor both in the other dark web marketplaces and as a private shop in general.

The NamasteLSD shop went offline for a couple of days that caused a stir and speculation in the dark web community. With all these years NamasteLSD had been online and actively trading on the various renowned deep web marketplaces and in its own private shop, the store outage really owed an explanation while the vendor shop went offline, was offline, or later.

Since then, the outage was suspicious as there was no communication from NamasteLSD or its team members. Some Dread users had started to question the reason for the outage.

Earlier on the 9th of August 2021, a seizure message was put up on the main .onion link of NamasteLSD they confirmed the indeed seizure. It is however now confirmed that the vendor shop team has been arrested in Finland in the beginning of August 2021. It is confirmed that the team arrested was indeed NamasteLSD.

Thus, it is highly advised that if anyone has recently ordered their products from him (the darknet market) needs to be extra careful. You must clean the laptop (histories and other evidence) that you have used to order from the vendor shop. You must also ensure that your location or residence is free from any drugs that might be in there.

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