This website is the product of our own experiences and study on the Deep/Dark web. That being stated, we have never ordered items or used the deep/dark web for any unlawful or illicit activities, and we have no plans to do so in the future.

We happen to visit these websites, chat to new users who have used these fields on Reddit or other similar forums, acquire material from law-enforcement websites and portals (videos/interviews), and mix it with our own viewpoint of the website to produce the pieces that we post on our site. We do not promote, but rather discourage, the use of these sites for illicit purposes, and any action, illegal or otherwise, is entirely your responsibility. If you’re looking for “information,” our articles should be more than adequate; otherwise, there are other articles on the web you may read.

Using the Dark Web to order items or services that are unlawful in your jurisdiction is still illegal, and if caught, you will face legal consequences.

Furthermore, the Dark Web happens to be one of the “least trusted” places you ever can be. Even the most dependable and well-known vendors/marketplaces have scammed or/and exit-scammed taking millions of dollars. Thus, we cannot be held accountable in any way in the event any such platform/company/website changes its progression for the worse.

In short:

  • Do not use the Dark/Deep web links for any prohibited purpose (services, ordering products). The Deep/Dark Web is never entirely trustworthy.
  • Our reviews are exclusively for “educational and research purposes,” and any and all usage of any of the sites listed over our site, comprising just browsing those sites or any other actions, is entirely and solely your responsibility, beginning with the moment you click on one of these links and land on a deep/dark web site.

Whatever you see on the Darknetsites that is rendered locally can still be saved in local caches on any of the alternatives listed above. In the context of your separate governing laws, you must evaluate the legal elements of what you are seeing. The site Darknetsites.com (Darknetsites/DNS) accepts no responsibility for the information seen or the means of access described above.

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