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Darknet Market Predictions : What Will The Marketplaces See In 2022?

Darknet Market Predictions, It is almost the end of 2021 and we have seen a lot of incidences with the top darknet markets. There have been seizures and markets getting offline and a couple of scams as well. These are enough to summarize the fate of the popular dark web marketplaces in the remaining months of the year. We can roughly see how the deep web markets will more or less perform in the upcoming year. Thus, here we have discussed the crucial darknet market predictions of the top dark web marketplaces in 2022.

In this regard, it becomes much important to keep in mind that this article is solely a prediction formulated on the current darknet markets. That said, we do not know exactly which new darknet markets will be surfacing the Tor network in 2022 or which markets will perish. It is also to be considered that it generally takes almost a year for a darkweb market to grow and become the biggest and it is possible that one of such markets existing today might get called “one of the biggest” marketplaces in 2022.

At the beginning of 2021, the top darknet market was none other than the Dark Market that was seized in the initial months of 2021. Prediction is not at all declaration as which hidden markets will reign the market in a year mostly depends on the darknet market admins who decide whether to exit scam or somehow manage to get seized by the law enforcement agencies.

Also, take a note that in this article we will not mention the two most popular cannabis markets viz, Cannazon and CannaHome as they are no doubt the best ones in their cannabis or weed category. But we will deal with the deepweb marketplaces that have diverse products and categories.

White House Market (WHM)

The White House Market has come this far to be known as the biggest darknet marketplace following the seizure of the Dark Market. White House Market or WHM is not the usual big darknet market but one of those markets that accept only Monero transactions. The market also forces its users to use PGP and 2FA if they are reaching out to the market to purchase something. This by far is the toughest darknet market existing today.

We had made a comprehensive guide to the WHM and a guide on how to use the PGP key. It might be a little tricky for the average darknet buyers to use the marketplace.

Our darknet market predictions state that the White House Market will likely hold its #1 position in 2022. It has all the top dark web vendors along with a huge buyer base and a huge number of product listings. Considering the top vendors on the platform that vend on a daily basis, it is seen that the platform enjoys 10 to 20 times more sales than the other deep web markets of the time.

So, how is the White House Market likely to lose its #1 spot to its rival markets? Well, the history of the best darknet market reveals that a market loses its number one position if it undergoes exit scamming or police seizures. Thus, if the White House Market resists any of the above-mentioned situations, it will hold its first place in the existing markets list.

ToRReZ Market

The ToRReZ market has ever since grown as it surfaced the Tor network. It offers four types of currencies, a direct purchase option, an onsite wallet and wholesome search options. It took relatively less time to reserve its place at #2. The marketplace offers great support and a huge vendor base that trade on the White House Market also trades on the ToRReZ market. But, people are most likely to prefer the WHM over the ToRReZ market and the only way the latter could climb up the list is when WHM faces the worst scenario, maybe an exit scam or a seizure. Despite this, we are still predicting that the platform will be known as one of the large darknet markets bearing a greater chance of taking the #1 position.

World Market

The World Market has strived to make its look and feel quite similar to the AlphaBay Market or Empire Market. This idea has paid off when many users enjoyed almost the same interface as that of AlphaBay. Since that, it became one of the biggest darknet markets around in no time.

We have made a comprehensive analysis of the World Market and since then it has not changed much. It aims to offer good support and owns its forum. The platform has had a great public clash with Dread and Hugbunter. But since it came back to Dread, they had not faced any issues with Dread. World Market too has the same vendor base as ToRReZ has. However, from the traffic perspective, both are very different.

AlphaBay Market

The all-new AlphaBay Market is one of those darknet markets that have gained a wild card entry in the dark market zone. It is not only the largest darknet market but has also surprised its users with the same management. Almost half of the previous admins are available on the platform.

DeSnake has launched the new AlphaBay last month following which it faced a major DDoS attack going offline for several days. Recently, it seems to have stabilized wherein both the buyers and vendors managed to get on the new AlphaBay Market to commence vending and buying. However, the new AlphaBay has been written down from scratch and no code has been reused from the old to build the new platform.

The current market predictions foresee the flock of users, both vendors and buyers to accumulate and trade on AlphaBay.


2021 is reshaping the darknet market conditions of 2020. With almost null seizures or exit scams, 2021 became the most stable year in the darkweb market community. Now, it is quite intriguing to see how 2022 will perform and if any one of the .onion markets will indeed survive to be the top darknet market.

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